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dinking about on the internet instead of working since 1995

A change in direction
No, I don't post. Very few of you post anymore, either.

But after AoIR, I find myself drawn to more long-form writing again. I think, though, that it's time for me to move on from doing that writing in this space. Any writing that needs screening is happening the old-fashioned pen-and-paper way anyway.

And so I present "at the fulcrum".

I'll still read, of course, but probably only a couple of times a week, which is about the pace that I've been at to be honest - there's hardly ever a full screen's worth of new material in a day, anyway.

It's July so it must be spring in Buffalo
We have an explosion of baby animals!
  • Yesterday morning I spied a fledgling robin hopping around between our house and the neighbor's.
  • Yesterday afternoon I heard a very suspicious peeping racket coming from the cherry tree. And I had seen a male cardinal around a lot lately, hectoring the cat through the living room window. About 30 seconds of looking and I found the nest. I have since seen (and been yelled at by) both papa and mama cardinal but the nest is up too high and too wedged into the branches to see the babies.
  • This morning I saw a baby bunny, probably about two-hands-ful sized, hopping around between the houses. I should really say that VIOLET saw the bunny and alerted me to its presence. I was pretty sure there was a rabbit warren around somewhere because I knew we had a mated pair of bunnies around and where there's a boy bunny and a girl bunny, I feel pretty confident that there will be baby bunnies.

You are smarter than I am at rhymes, I'm sure of it.
So here's the deal. I'm buying laundry baskets as baby/big sibling presents. These baskets are explicitly NOT TO BE USED FOR LAUNDRY. They are for all the OTHER things that kids do with laundry baskets. To that end, I plan to pen a little poem inside each basket. Here's what I have so far, and I'd love suggestions. Stanzas are unlimited, I suppose, because I can mix and match them depending on the kid.
Bad poetry below...Collapse )


Here, have some bullet points.

[FBxPost] And cooler heads prevailed. Thankfully.

I gotta say... I'm happy that I am generally surrounded by sensible people. Two examples, both from the kiddo's softball game Wednesday evening.

Example The First: Boneheaded Child Does Not Scare The Entire Park Or Get Himself Arrested
Kid. Toy gun. Not just any toy gun. Black toy gun with tiny orange tip so maybe from close up you can't tell it's real. But from far away? Black gun. That he was stuffing down the back of his pants. Good call, bozo.
Nobody freaked. Really. The peanut gallery, I mean, the row of softball moms who always sit together during games, discussed how stupid he was being and J commented that she was kind of sorry that she didn't have her badge on her so she couldn't scare the crap out of him. And that was the end of it.

Example The Second: Older Siblings Misplace Younger Sibling, Younger Sibling Safely Returned to Parents
In the fourth inning or so, a toddler wandered onto the field. All of our team's younger siblings (we have 3 of the approximate same age as the wandering toddler) were accounted for. Matthew collected up said wandering toddler and walked him back towards the playground. Eventually he was claimed by his older sisters (roughly 9 and 6) who then walked him over to the t-ball field where the parent was. I got a nine-year-old dissertation on this family from A (whose sister E is on the Rebels and sister I is on the t-ball team).
Again. Nobody freaked.

in which I prove that I am alive
Mothers' Day. Went out last night with 8 other gals while M took TRex out to dinner. Kiddo had religious school this morning, then we went out to lunch and then to the nursery to get our plants. And then... many hours in the garden.

In the veggie patch: sugar snaps, brussels spouts, cherry tomatoes, butternut squash, zucchini, cucumbers, dill, rosemary, sage, oregano, and thyme (all the herbs but the dill are holdovers from last year). (ETA: And the garlic. I forget about the garlic.)
In TRex's garden: petunias, marigolds, lobelia. She has sandwort and a dianthus in there, too.
In "my" garden: petunias, marigolds, lobelia, and a purple blooming perennial that I can't remember the name of.
In the rest of the backyard: a bleeding heart, some flowering groundcover that I can't remember the name of. (ETA: and some basil near the mint; trying to prove my theory that the problem I have with basil is just that it gets scorched in the really-extra-full-sun of the veggie patch,)
In the weed patch garden behind the garage: some periwinkle.
In the front yard we took out the sad-looking holly bush and put in morning glories.

And now we're all tired. The kiddo was a BIG help - there's no way we could have gotten all of that planting done this afternoon without three sets of hands working on it.

Other things. Softball is back! They've had 3 practices and the league parade was yesterday.
Batting - 6
It looks like we're going to get really lucky and they're not going to have any games until after dance recital is over (next weekend is crazy... Canisius graduation and tap recital at the same time; Religious School service day Sunday morning and then ballet recital Sunday afternoon).

Oh, and I'm not an aunt again. Yet. We are bordering on full-on babywatch mode (J is due in a week; Miss C was 3 days early.)

Theory: If I pester you less, you will give the March of Dimes more money.
For the very few of you who either didn't get my email yesterday or who aren't friends with me on Facebook... it's March for Babies time again!

Remember this little chicken creature?
First Breast Milk

Well now she's an obnoxious, swim-team-joining, electrical engineering second grader.
Electrical Engineer in Training

You can donate here.

Purple army guys defeat heavily-accented bee! Film at 11...
Have I posted about the ongoing saga of do I actually have allergies/asthma? Last year my PCP (the one I loved... who has moved... SIGH) referred me to an allergist. He has concluded that I don't have asthma and that the random airway constrictions that I experience are reflux-related (though I have no other signs of reflux unless I eat like crap/too much, and the constrictions have no discernible correlation to my diet) and that I'm not allergic to a damn thing. HOWEVER. He has been seeing a lot of patients and reading about people who present with clear allergy symptoms (like I do) who still test negative on skin tests, and he treats those people as if they do have environmental allergies.

So he gave me Nasonex. And I used it, and it definitely made a difference in the waking-up-and-spending-five-minutes-blowing-my-nose-then-coughing-a-lot department. But the headaches. Like no other headaches in the world. I could set my clock by them - 20 minutes after taking the stuff, huge throbbing frontal headache. Way worse than the stuffy and coughing in the morning. I tried to remember to take it right before bed but that didn't happen, naturally, so I just gave up and returned to the status quo.

When I saw him last week, I mentioned this. He seemed skeptical of the headache thing at first but I said that there was a clear, strong correlation and that the headaches were qualitatively different than any other headache I ever get. He was like, "Well don't DO that!" (have I mentioned that I quite like my allergist, in all his weird socially awkward ways?) and he handed me a sample bottle of Omnaris as well as a card for $11 copays. AND IT WORKS! I don't love the taste/nosefeel of the stuff but I'm soooo much clearer in the morning (no giant coughing fits to clear postnasal drip! Minimal nose-blowing!) and M claims that I'm snoring less, too.

Thus, purple army guys defeat accented bumble bee.

Apparently this is now the "Sarah is Vain" blog
So, signs are pointing to body-chemistry change in the hair thing. Because the following things happened at the same time:
1) I have lost a lot of my curl. Like, a LOT. 20 years ago I would have KILLED for this to happen, not I'm not happy about it.
2) The greys are multiplying at an alarming rate. I don't mind this, actually. They seem to be a pretty good shade of grey. Oddly, though, they are asymmetrical (many more on the left than on the right).

Getting old is weird, yo.

Oh, how the Curly have fallen...
Longtime readers may remember that I stopped using shampoo on my hair, after reading this book, about the time that I started this blog. My regime of lots of conditioner and the occasional lemon juice wash or baking soda/conditioner paste scalp scrub worked for eight year. Lately, though, things started going downhill. I was having to scrub more and more often, and my hair was dull and clumpy within a couple of days. And then on Thursday, even after a scrub, it was just gross. That was when I did something I hadn't done in eight years.

I reached for a bottle of shampoo. 

Yes, you heard me right. I shampooed my hair. As I told M afterwards, I felt kinda dirty.

I don't know if it's that my body chemistry has changed, or something changed in our water, or what, but it was definitely a necessary step.

I don't love the way my hair has looked the past couple of days - frizzy and flyaway. I will definitely be going back to conditioner-only as much as possible. But I can't be opposed to the odd encounter with the sudsy stuff, either. 

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